The Benefits of Dog Chews
If you are a fan of dogs and puppies and have stayed with them for a long time, then you know clearly that they like chewing a lot. You will see your dog gnawing on something every now and then. When playing with them you will notice that they also like to bite as they play, that's their nature. Every dog differs by how much they chew and how heavy chewers of chewers they are. Even though chewing dogs can become unhelpful if not controlled well, it is important to let your dog chew on things when they need to. What you just have to do is to provide to them safe and appropriate items for them to chew. There is no bad thing with them chewing as the behavior itself is very beneficial. You should always encourage your puppy to chew. Discussed below are the reasons why you should consider it imperative to let your dogs chew. See now!

Natural habit
What is important to note is that your dogs were created with an instinct of chewing. If you provide your dogs with raw bones to chew on, they are going to benefit with the essential nutrients. Your puppy requires calcium that can be gotten from the chewing of the natural raw bone. You may also have noticed that the natural instinct of chewing is much higher in puppies than in the adult dogs. You should, therefore, cherish this natural behavior in your dogs rather than discouraging it. View

Oral health
When you let your dog chew, you are probably letting it keep its oral health in top shape. You know that just like humans, the dog's teeth can form tartars and plaques. When you let your dog chew, you make them exercise their jaw muscles, remove plaques and tartars from the teeth of your dog as well as soothing the discomfort of a teething puppy. Additionally, chewing on bones will make your dog break down the tartars in the teeth of your dog because raw bones will produce the enzymes that facilitate the process. When the tartars are broken, the teeth of your pet will be cleaner and will also have fresher breath. Chewing will also smoothen the teeth of your dog as well as making it more difficult for them to get infected with periodontal diseases.

Mental stimulation
Your dog requires mental exercise even more than it needs the physical exercise. Chewing is an excellent way of keeping the mind and body of your dog occupied. Treats and chew toys are good tools to use that will make them build their brain power. Visit